Xena Castello

chapter 2 part 2

Westhaven was a town known for two things; their high-life parties and the incredible artists, be it musicians, painters or dancers. It was the place where the wealthy survived and the poor died, not literally though.

Westhaven was the place the rich went to flaunt their riches and seek freedom from the press, apart from that Westhaven was quite dull on most days, it was almost depressing. The streets are usually silent and empty and sometimes with people going to work and then home immediately, to save money just to be able to be the one to throw the best party of the year, it was almost like a competition among those on the social ladder, apart from the parties it was also a great place for business starters and owners.

It was not easy for 19 year old Xena Castello to settle in, at some point, she questioned her rash actions and wondered if she should swallow her pride and go back to her aunts home as the reality of her situation dawned on her on the train, but her pride wasn't easy to swallow so she ignored her anxious thoughts and got off the train and stared at the dull city, grim and haggard looking faces walked by her. It was unlike what she'd heard about the place but nevertheless she went forward, there was no way she would turn back.

 Walking towards a young guy who was selling newspapers she asked " excuse me, I'm new here… could you help me out?"

The guy who looked 20, looked up at her and was taken aback for a second "I…I…sure!" He stuttered out staring at her in surprise, she ignored the look slightly uncomfortable

" I was wondering if you knew where I could find a job that pays well enough for me to get an accommodation within two days" she said, she knew it was an odd request and very likely impossible but she was going to take her chances anyways, he paused and stared at her

"yes I have the place" he said something twinkling in his eyes, he took a pen from his coat pocket and tore a piece of his news paper and wrote down an address with a number then signed -KL then handed it to her

"go to that address and ask for Madam Ophelia then give her this" he said with a smile, Xena nodded and took the paper "thank you" "oh don't mention" she turned and walked off, something was sketchy about the guy but right now she couldn't let any chance pass her by after all she needed somewhere to sleep that night.

 Once Xena reached the place on the address she paid the cab driver and stared at the building, it was a large building and it was quite colourful, in red orange and yellow lights, the colours blended in a way that seemed welcoming or warm she couldn't decide which. She stared at the name on the building

" ANGELS OF THE HAVEN" she raised an eyebrow but said nothing and got in. It didn’t take too long for Xena to find Madam Ophelia.

Madam Ophelia was a wasn't as she'd expected. She expected to see a plump old woman offering out jobs or something but instead Madam Ophelia had long red locks and bright blue eyes, her lips were red and full and her skin was undeniably smooth, she was abit taller than Xena and her expensive clothes hugged her body, she was a little too curvy and all her assets were quite large. She stood tall with an air of fearlessness, that was the only way Xena could describe it.

Once Xena gave her the paper she read it and smiled then crumbled it and threw it into the trash. She stared at Xena slowly, scrutinizing her, from head to toe

" take off your clothes" she ordered, Xena was taken back

" excuse me?"

" what, you didn't hear me?I said take off your clothes" she said, something stirred in Xena

 " give me a reason why I should"

" why are you talking back to me? Aren't you here for a job? These girls from other towns surely don't have manners" she muttered the last part to herself but Xena heard her "I don't enjoy being submissive" she said for a start then stared at Madam Ophelia "I was told you could get me a job that pays well" Madam Ophelia stared at her silently.

"I see.. That fool didn't tell you huh? The place you're in right now is the best Brothel in town which I own, you know what brothel means right sweetheart?" She said in a sweet tone that could be interpreted as 'you're starting to annoying, either take off your clothes or get out'

 Xena was silent for a bit and weighed her options, if anything this could probably be the only job that could save her some time with a hell lot of money in return.

Without saying a word she took off her hat and let her long dark brown hair fall, she took her time stripping, taking off the her coat she stared right into Madam Ophelia's eyes which were slightly wide at the air of confidence Xena gave off, she removed her shirt and dropped it on the ground then smoothly got out of her black jeans and stood before Madam Ophelia daring her to say a word, Madam Ophelia was speechless as she took a close look at Xena who stood in her underwear.

Xena was a beauty, her body was perfectly hourglass like, with her assets in large but not very, one could almost say just right, she had long dark brown hair that fell over her shoulders complimenting her oval like face and light honey brown eyes which were slightly narrowed like that of a cat, her eyelashes were long and black which made her eyes pop and her skin was fair with freckles that spread over her pointy nose, her lips were light pink and pouty, giving her an innocent yet sexy look. She wasn't like any other girl they've seen in Westhaven.

Madam Ophelia cleared her throat "that's ....that's pretty good . " she said trying to get a grip of her excitement, this girl was going to bring her money and she needed to be tactful as to not show how badly she needed her but Xena already saw it and fought back a smirk, she had her right where she needed her

" I'm feeling a little cold, how about we go to your office and have a nice chat?" She said pleasantly as she took control over the situation, Madam Ophelia nodded "yes, yes… that's a good idea" and waited for Xena to put on her clothes which she did quickly and then they both walked up the stairs to her office. 

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