Xena Castello

Chapter 4

Xena woke up early the next day. ignoring her thoughts about what happened the other day, she decided to go out for a jog. The song high hopes by panic at the disco filled her ears as she jogged, she scoffed at the lyrics of the song and shook her head, a sarcastic smile on her lips. Once she was done jogging, she showered and walked to her living room. her apartment quite spacious, it had light yellow orange walls that blender well with her brown furnitures. She had a large space on the left side of the room which was her Personal dance floor.

Her apartment was decorated in a way that if someone entered from the door the first place they will be at is the living room, which just had a television, a couch and some music speakers, it was where her dance floor was located. And there were two doors, one door for the kitchen which she rarely used and the other was her room. The apartment had only one bathroom which was in her room. Xena hadn't changed much in the apartment from the former owner who had renovated the apartment and made it sound proof. The only thing she did was create a dance space in the living room.

Her days were usually uneventful, she had all her mornings free until the night, unless there's an emergency in the brothel. Xena was watching pole dancing videos on her laptop when her phone rang, she looked at the caller it was Dan. She looked at the time it was already 3:45 pm, she picked up "hello?"

"Hey, guess what?" He said excitement clear in his voice


"I got the job"

 "wow congrats, want to come over to celebrate?" She said

"ofcourse i would love to!"

 "bring the drinks" she said, he chuckled "you don't have drinks there?"

"no, i haven't had time to refill" he chuckled again "typical of you. well then, be there in a few minutes" And with those words he hung up.

 A few minutes later Dan arrived and they sat in the living room on her couch, besides each other with the champagne and glasses between them, Xena popped open the bottle of champagne and smiled at him, he noticed her smile didn't reach her eyes like usual

 "so how did the interview go?" She said as she poured the champagne in to the two glasses between them

"it was interesting, from the way they carried out the entire process, it is quite obvious why the company is so popular" he said taking the glass "so tell me about it" she said as she sipped her drink

"well, From the moment you enter their company, they are watching you"

"what do you mean?"

"well i was among ten people who came for the interview, but later in the day we learned that we were actually just five who came for the interview while the other five were actually from the company and they were in charge of studying us one on one from our presence, appearance, conversations and whatnot" he said and sipped his drink, Xena nodded "that's quite an interesting way to manage a company"

"i know right? I actually find it very clever"

"yeah...so, apart from you, who else got the job?"

"Two other guys, Nate and Joe, they are pretty cool. Anyways we are going to attend a welcome party/yearly anniversary party the company is throwing later, this weekend and I have a plus one, i was hoping you would come with me" he said as he poured more champagne into their glasses. “oh nice, where is it being held?”

“you know the large building in the middle of the town?” xena blinked “you mean you are working for…” she trailed off

“Christakis Corp, yes it is quite popular huh?”  

Xena was silent for a while, going to the party where Demetrius was hosting was something she wasn't excited about.

"so?..." he asked

"i don't know, i think its better you go alone, give the ladies there some hope you know" she said smiling, he chuckled and shook his head "come on, dont be like that"

"what, im just saying, if they see us walk in there together they'll probably assume we are dating or something" she said chuckling 'and that's a bad thing?' Dan wanted to say but didn't instead he said nothing

 "besides what if the one you are destined to be with sees us and then gets heartbroken and leaves" she joked

 "what about you?" He asked, Xena smiled sadly and leaned back on her couch, taking a sip from her glass

"i believe not everyone has 'the one' and im in that category " she said looking into his eyes, he wasn't smiling back at her "don't say that" he said sadly

"hey, cheer up. Not everyone is lucky, but don't worry i know you are" she said smiling widely, and took the champagne from in between them and poured more into her glass, then gulped it down

"its not something to be sad about" she said and gently pushed his shoulder with hers as she noticed his expression, she sighed.

"alright, I'll come with you, happy?" she said and put her head in his shoulder, he nodded with a smile.

She smiled and closed her eyes "but im going to leave early so you can get to know your co workers and find the one of your dreams" she said softly and yawned a little.

 Dan smiled sadly "one of my dreams huh?" He muttered to himself then turned to look at Xena who already fell asleep, he raised his hand and pushed her hair away from her face, she looked peaceful and ever so gorgeous, it made his heart flutter, he took the glass that she held loosely and kept it on the table infront of them along with the champagne bottle and his glass. he then carefully leaned back into the couch and closed his eyes 'a few minutes wouldn't hurt' he thought to himself.

 The next morning Xena woke up in her bedroom and Dan was gone already.

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