You can't buy me

Chapter 2

Kevin POV

“Thank you, Mr. Smith,” 

Mr. Yamamoto said and shake my hand. 
I sigh as the exhaustion hit me. Today’s work is hectic as I manage to seal the deal with the Japan corporation. Now the hardest part is to find a nice location for our building. 

“Liam how was the investigation?”

“Her name is Samantha Lea Reyes, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Reyes. She graduated with the highest honor in Harvard University. She has 4 older brothers and her close friend call her Lea. She’s currently working at Thomson General Hospital as the top General Surgeon. It is said that she has a miracle hand because all of her surgery is a 100% successful. Her hobby is to sing, dance, and draw. She has few property--------”

“Stop. All I hear is that you can’t find anything useful against her. Anyway, lets visit the hospital. I know the director in there” 

I said and smirk at him. I heard his sigh as he already probably knows what I’m thinking. 

We are now walking inside the hospital together with director Kim. I was just about to ask him about her when I heard someone shouting “out of the way”. The director motion for me to step aside

And I saw her. Even though she’s covered by blood, she still looks pretty, no I mean gorgeous! 

She’s applying pressure on the patience wound. They pass us but I don’t think she knew as she’s busy doing her job

“And that is Doctor Reyes, our top doctor who graduated top in her class in Harvard. Though childish she actually became serious when it comes to her job. She’s a doctor that represent our hospital.”

The director praise her 

“Indeed, she is. But how is she being a doctor?”

Liam ask him as I listened to their conversation

“She’s strict to her patience, but gentle when treating them. That is why most of the patience ask her to be their doctor. Though don’t offer her money in exchange of something”


“Because you will get scold by her. She will nag at you from morning till night about the value of money and dignity. Some of our doctor operate for money but she didn’t. She operates to save life, that is her principle”

“Normally, how long will it take to operate on someone?”

“It depends on the damage. Why? Do you want to talk to her or something?”

Samantha POV

“Good job today guys”

I said before walking out in the operating room. After I wash my hand I walk for a bit. It become a hubby of mine to walk after the dreadful operation. I actually hate seeing blood or cutting a human body

I became a doctor to fulfil my cousin’s wish, I actually want to become a painter and travel to a lot of places. 

“Doctor Reyes, there’s someone who wanted to see you”

One of the nurses said and walk away. Well, I’m used to this kind of behavior so it’s no big deal. 

“Doctor Reyes”

There they are. The people who wanted to see me. But I think I saw this guy somewhere. I just don’t know where 

“Oh right, the guy from before, your ammmmm……… Mr. Liam Montenegro from Seiren Hotel. What are you doing here? More importantly how do you know where I’m working at?” 

I don’t remember giving him the address where I work at, I didn’t even tell him I’m a doctor my self

“Doctor Reyes, I accidentally saw you earlier when I’m getting my checkup. I didn’t know you’re a doctor”

He said with a polite smile. The guy behind him just scoff 

“How much do you want?”

The guys beside him ask. Is he talking to me or something? I look at my back to see no one so I guess his question is for me

“Ammmm….. I don’t know what are you talking about”

“Is 20 million enough for you?” 

“Wait what?”

What’s wrong with this guy? Maybe he needs to get psychologist. I know, will recommend them to a good one

“You see Mr. Liam, I have a friend who can help your friend. I can reserve you to his clinic”

I said and Liam just laughed 

Kevin POV

“Stop it will you, and I’m not crazy”

I said to both of them while glaring at Liam who calm down a bit

“You’re not?” 

She said while tilting her head to the side looking so adorable and innocent. But her question makes Liam “the f*cking idiot” laughed like crazy

“I’m not, this one is. Yesterday my driver accidentally drove into your art work. So now I’m asking if 20 million can compensate for the damage that we’ve cause”

“Oh! No need for that. Accidents happen all the time”

Wait what? She still declining 20 million?

“So, 20 million is not enough? Then how about 50 million?”

“Listen here rich boy. I don’t need your money. I already said that its okay, if you have that much money to spare then donate it. One sorry is enough. Sometimes there are things that can’t be fixed by money, you have to learn how to say the word sorry”

She nags at me while pointing her fingers at my chest. She looks like my nanny with her hands on her hips.

“Okay we surrender, I’m sorry to what my friend just said. We have meeting so were going, thank you for your time. See you around Doctor Reyes”

Liam said while I walked ahead of him.

“Wait, do you really want to compensate for the damage?”

She said and I can’t help but to smirk at myself. I knew it, there’s nothing in this world that can’t fixed using money

“Yes, name your price doctor”

I said while grinning at Liam. She walks to her disk and write something on a notepad. She walks to us and hand me the paper

“What’s this?” 

I ask her, confused to what should I do

“It’s the address of Dr. Sam’s clinic, a friend of mine and a psychologist. Do me a favor and get your checkup”


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