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Posted: 15.05.21 14:01:03

Hello, my fellow reader, I'm so sorry for updating late. I was working on another book as it needs to be completed this month.  Please forgive your author. Enjoy the story!!    Let me know what do you think about 'Xi Song' and 'Li Xingyue'? Waiting for your answers... - Your author, Sevenstar Read more...

Posted: 09.05.21 14:51:23

Hello, my fellow readers. Good to see you here. Today I'm revealing some details about my upcoming book on Booknet. I was wondering, sitting close to a pool, thinking about campus life. And that's it. A new idea popped into my head.   "THE LOVE EQUATION"  - Yes, it's my new book about a campus love story.   Want to know more?? There you Read more...

Posted: 02.05.21 00:30:39

Do you want to know what will Mi-Rae do when she encounters her ex as her new business partner? Find out here!! She was once his, but he blew his chances by letting her slip away through his silence; by his cowardice to fight whatever love they had. He hurt her so to the extent of almost losing her life in an accident.  Five years after, she became a successful business owner, a CEO of Read more...
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