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The Children of Danu

Айя Нея

Mysterious Dogheads near the desert. Enemy aircraft in the red skies. The children disappearing in the colonies. So what the government of Farsida hides from its citizens? And did the long-standing confrontation between Earth and Mars really ended...... more info

Story about: mars colonization, alien invasion, space mysteries

Sample 6 pages
826 3 4

Rating: 3

#134 in Science fiction
#899 in Fantasy
#121 in Action fantasy


Netjeru: Gods Sins

Айя Нея

It all started with the Egyptian princess. Neferren fell in love with a demon and gave birth to a son, for which the gods cursed her family and all. They took the name from the unclean, and they gave her son to Duat - the Otherworld. Oh, no… wait! Priests invented this nonsense. They gladly fool n... more info

Story about: gods of egypt, osiris myth, reincarnation love

Sample 10 pages
1392 20 8

Rating: 13

#904 in Fantasy
#122 in Action fantasy
#402 in Mystery
#112 in Romantic mystery

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