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Hey y'all i am gonna be writing chapter three now that i am done with the editing of chapter 2 have a great day y'all xoxo- kay



The Alpha's Mate Part 2


I looked at Seth to go with Theo and, he reluctantly agreed to leave. I went to the two called Ember and Riley. They looked at me as if asking for permission I nod, then out of nowhere I feel a tingling sensation in the air and I scatter back as I see the two teenagers shift into two dragons, one a ... more info

Story about: paranomal, luna moon, werewolf

Ongoing: 07 Apr 13 pages
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Rating: 4

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The Alpha's Mate


This is my first ever book that i have published before and i started this book when i was 14 years old, so if you don't like it comment in the comments giving me advice on what i should change about it. I'm only going to post a chapter a page because im in school right now and i don't have the pap... more info

Story about: alpha wolf inlove with a human, alphas mate, runaway alpha daughter

Complete 19 pages
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On Hold


The Mafia Leaders' billionaire


His fingers weaved in and out of my hair as he kissed my lips "I love you victoria" he said softly "I love you too Cobalt" I said... more info

Story about: mafia boss, mafia love, billionaire in love with mafia leader

On Hold: 11 Dec 4 pages
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