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Anne T Thyssen


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The One

Anne T Thyssen

To Claire life seems perfect. She has wonderful friends, a well-paying job, and a fiancé who loves her, and who she will soon marry. She doesn't think it can get any better than that, but that is until her mother informs her Claire's old love has come back after living abroad for years. Ryan was he... more info

Story about: ourlovestory, romance love, firstlove

Complete 12 pages
1885 138

Rating: 62

#11 in Short stories
#470 in Romance
#113 in Contemporary Romance


The Surprise of Christmas

Anne T Thyssen

After a horrible breakup Emma flees New York City to go back to her small hometown and celebrate Christmas with her family, which she usually declines not wanting to go back to the exact place she had fled from long ago. The town always felt too small for Emma, who sought more in life, now the town ... more info

Story about: romance, christmas, christmasmemories

Complete 20 pages
1171 69

Rating: 33

#142 in Short stories
#1926 in Romance
#93 in Inspiration romance


Meeting In A Snowstorm

Anne T Thyssen

When a snowstorm hits two lonely souls ends up trapped inside an airport waiting for their flights to take off, but instead they find themselves pulled towards one another by a a strange force between them. Could it be the magic of Christmas at play or simply two people finding a connection while be... more info

Story about: christmas, christmas story, meeting

Complete 6 pages
498 48

Rating: 23

#1917 in Romance
#422 in Contemporary Romance
#140 in Short stories

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