His Ray Of Light


Ambrose Jon Brandon; the last dragon standing, king of all supernatural creatures, mightier than the mightiest, stronger than the strongest. He was ruthless, heartless and arrogant because of the dreadful curse his mother place on him though he had a soft side but couldn't show it often and no one k... more info

Story about: fantasy and paranormal romance, possessive dragon

Ongoing: 14 Feb 20 pages
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Rating: 3

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The Billionaire's Secret Love


Jay King was a well known billionaire in England. He was arrogant, rude, emotionless, egotistic and doesn't believe in love but his taught began to change when he spilled his hot coffee on a Canadian red hair girl who turned out to be his next personal assistant. For how long can Jay handle his fee... more info

Story about: love hate relationship

Complete 102 pages
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Rating: 88

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