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When A Witch Falls In Love

Barnali Bhuiya

Mike Adler, a rude, arrogant heir of Adler enterprise. Handsome, a notorious playboy, who doesn't care about anything in the world. Angela, a 19 years old Witch. Breathtakingly gorgeous, but never been out of her little room. Mike has been saved by Angela for once and that was the first time h... more info

Story about: love at first sight, fantasy romance, witches and wizards

Ongoing: 26 Feb 24 pages
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Rating: 16

#387 in Romance
#21 in Paranormal Romance
#49 in Fantasy

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That One Deal 2

Barnali Bhuiya

She really regrets not divorcing David. Yes, it's David Carter who she loves crazily yet but he's back just to make her a slave? To turn her life into a nightmare? ***** "So I lost. I shouldn't have fall in love with you.", Luna let her words out. "Shhhh!", David held her up by her neck. Th... more info

Story about: billionaire, possessive, contract marriage

Ongoing: 25 Feb 74 pages
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Rating: 80

#52 in Romance
#34 in Billionaires


That One Deal

Barnali Bhuiya

David Carter is a billionaire, money is nothing to him. Luna Addison is a student, works as a part timer. Luna Addison works as a bartender and has other part time jobs. Just one deal with David Carter changes her life into a nightmare. Trying every possible way to run away but that man takes eve... more info

Story about: billionaire, possessive, contract marriage

Complete 129 pages
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Rating: 291

#4 in Romance
#3 in Billionaires


My Psycho Bodyguard

Barnali Bhuiya

Knowing by everyone but ignored by only one. Ace feels like it's an insult for him but it's not like she cares Only bonded by a contract but to take her revenge she's here. "Are you a turtle?",says Ace Carter. "Yes since you became a chameleon.",says Erika Bailey. Their fight ends nowhere. Ever... more info

Story about: badboy, forcedmarriage, possessive

Complete 211 pages
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Rating: 207

#203 in Romance
#6 in Mystery

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