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BB Jen

I was utterly and completely destroyed when I found out the truth about Stefan Sabione. He lied to me betrayed me and used me like a piece of dirty tissue paper. He left me in the dark when he promised he wouldn't. He tattered my already broken pieces of heart. I was left alone all over again. It wa... more info

Story about: mafia romance, revenge, lovers to enemies

Ongoing: 24 Nov 13 pages
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Rating: 2

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So Much, For Love

BB Jen

Being a billionaire I've had a fair share of women in my life but the first time i saw her something sparked within me. no other women has ever had that reaction on me, so i knew what had to be done. i have to win her, but that doesn't seem easy, considering how resilient she is can be. the more i t... more info

Story about: billionaire, billionairesromamce, common girl

Ongoing: 25 Nov 21 pages
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Rating: 61

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