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By The Book

Booknet Inkslingers

Through our writer's club on Facebook - Booknet Inkslingers we offer exclusively to our members of The Writers Club a chance to have their short stories and poems to be reviewed by their fellow peers. If this is something you would like to see happen to your book, come to Facebook and make a request... more info

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What is Booknet Inkslingers and The Writers Club

Booknet Inkslingers

What is... Booknet Inkslingers and The Writers Club? We are glad you asked. In this guide, you will find practical information on what this writer's community is all about, how to join, what we offer and we will try to answer some of your most frequently asked questions. ... more info

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On Hold


Book Nook

Booknet Inkslingers

The Writers Club Moderators have started a book club. Bi-weekly authors who participate in The Writers Club can offer up their books to be read and reviewed by other authors in the group. Readers commit to reading the first 5 chapters of the book and writing a review of the book they are assigne... more info

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Author Spotlight

Booknet Inkslingers

Interviews by The Writers Club moderators Emma Swan, Hypgothic and Rosa Csergo where we will spotlight for you some of your favorite booknet authors and a few new authors we would like to introduce you to. Get to learn about their current works and writing methods. Some are top-ranking authors here ... more info

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