Caren Ctartie



Have we met before?

Caren Ctartie

A tragic accident, a broken heart and a painful memory is all it took for Arianna Hayes to be in a situation she is. A rude , manwhore , businessman ,workaholic Hunter Michaels is all that could define him. A new assistant is all it takes. His constant thought is 'Have we met before? '... more info

Story about: billionaire, assistant, mother

Ongoing: 03 Mar 28 pages
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Rating: 27

#201 in Romance
#124 in Billionaires


Miss Perfect

Caren Ctartie

A lawyer and a single mother of one. She meets the most handsome billionaire , a father of two... Well let the sparks, fly ... more info

Story about: billionaires, lawyer, lawyer sole heir ceo

Ongoing: 03 Mar 40 pages
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Rating: 17

#339 in Romance
#203 in Billionaires

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