Celeste I.

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Double Trouble

Celeste I.

Stanley moved to Bleakburn, hoping to start life over, when strange occurrences keep happening around him. Each day, people grow more disheartened and depressed. Each month, someone jumps off the same apartment complex building, that he could afford. Police are scrambling off different cases, unsure... more info

Story about: twins, peril, sabotage

Ongoing: 08 Aug 132 pages
305 26 5

Rating: 8

#123 in Thrillers & Suspense
#53 in Suspense
#135 in Mystery


The Land of the Unknown

Celeste I.

A school field trip gone wrong, two friends, Tommy and Antonio, come across an underground laboratory while exploring and sneaking into the caverns at night. After a bit of scuffle with another intruder, a girl named Maggie, the three activated a portal, which sucked them right in. When the trio... more info

Story about: survival, adventure, dinosaurs

Complete 237 pages
4389 330 57

Rating: 29

#56 in Action & Adventures
#408 in Fantasy
#48 in Action fantasy


The Misadventures of a Young Dark Magician

Celeste I.

A world unlike our own, monsters disguised as humans, attend a magic academy to learn spells from all kinds of sources, to choose a path towards good or evil. Benjamin is a young dark magician who, along with his familiars Harry and Chi-Chi, attends the school in hopes of becoming a great villain a... more info

Story about: magic school, magician, misadventures

Complete 173 pages
2776 61 34

Rating: 12

#536 in Fantasy
#66 in Action fantasy

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