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The Ceo's Assistant

Christina Maharaj

Katherine is an assistant at an advertising firm. She's been in a long-term relationship with her boss, Thomas. She's on cloud nine until she finds out he's sacrificing her for a promotion. Fired and heartbroken, Kat wanders the streets until she's almost hit by a car. The men in the car help her h... more info

Story about: forbidden love, office romance, boss and assistant

Complete 167 pages
31358 1206

Rating: 168

#141 in Romance
#33 in Contemporary Romance
#75 in Billionaires


Wolf in the Office

Christina Maharaj

Leyla is a journalist for Echo Times, alongside her best friend Malakai, who started there at the same time. She's finally been given a shot to interview political candidate Wilfred Ivo. While there, she sees something she shouldn't have. Wilfred killed someone. Not only that, but he's not human.... more info

Story about: werewolf in love with a human, werewolf romance, bounded werewolf mates

Complete 187 pages
2869 94

Rating: 15

#849 in Romance
#43 in Paranormal Romance
#119 in Fantasy
#63 in Romantic fantasy


The Christmas Avalanche

Christina Maharaj

It's time for winter vacation and Eris' family has decided to spend Christmas at the ski lodge. Her parents want to go for business and her sister, Nicole, wants to meet up with her boyfriend, Carlos. To her surprise, she hits it off with Carlos' cousin, Pedro. While out on the bunny slope, Eris ... more info

Story about: family love, christmas miracle, disaster

Complete 19 pages
230 12

Rating: 3

#301 in Thrillers & Suspense
#125 in Short stories


Vampire Teacher

Christina Maharaj

Samantha Gilbert is a high school teacher who loves her job and her students, and they to love her too. She's kind, caring and gorgeous, but she has a well-kept secret. She's a vampire and hiding from her clan. Jason is one of her favourite students, who she often treats to her lunch right outsid... more info

Story about: vampire and human romance, vampire and human love story, forbidden love

Complete 137 pages
4673 180

Rating: 23

#4064 in Romance
#303 in Paranormal Romance
#1229 in Fantasy
#502 in Romantic fantasy

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