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Clara Star


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hey guys You Wanna know me better and stay up to date with all the updates and discounts on my books, follow me on Instagram, and Twitter, I'd really appreciate it. Don't forget to follow me here as well :) Do leave a like, and commenton my work too. I update daily except on weekends. thanks



Paid To Be Mrs. Black

Clara Star

Being the firstborn of a Chicago farmer is not easy when you think of the heartache and struggle one has to go through. Mary was the first child of Mr. and Mrs. Becky Johnson, a devoted Christians who place value on all things; diligent, and hard-working farmers. They owned a small cottage and a pie... more info

Story about: strong female lead, contractmarriage, poor girl and billionaire men

Complete 488 pages
282980 1750

Rating: 490

#940 in Romance
#230 in Contemporary Romance
#436 in Billionaires


Perfect Love

Clara Star

being an only child of a wealthy family in the back street of Canada, Grace Bush was humble, kind, respectful but after the traumatic incident that led to the demise of her entire family;Grace became nothing but wide,selfish,disrespectful even crazy.When the opportunity to move out of her shitty hom... more info

Story about: slow romance, forbidden office romance, billionaire

Complete 200 pages
111475 1179

Rating: 234

#182 in Romance
#43 in Contemporary Romance


The Unyielding Rose Black

Clara Star

What happens when the already small affection and love you family shows you suddenly wax cold? cause of a misunderstanding that happened when she was young, her mother hated her with passion. Rose was tired of it all, tired of the constant corporatism between her and her older sister Gloria, ti... more info

Story about: suspense, short novel, this book is centered on human feelings

Complete 27 pages
4481 121

Rating: 100

#39 in Short stories
#74 in Thrillers & Suspense


The Righteous Idol Worshipers

Clara Star

hello everyone. this is not really a story of romantic love, or fiction rather it is a call for the true worshippers of GOD. A call to check our life once again, to know if we are doing the right thing or not. whether we like it or not this world will end one day and where would we be? so I am s... more info

Story about: christianity, beliefs, true god

Complete 2 pages
264 19

Rating: 19

#624 in Others
#370 in Short stories

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