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Love in the wedding

Dipika Ojha

Life of a struggling fashion designer... more info

Story about: love and happy endings, love and romance with billionaire, wedding and love

Complete 182 pages
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Rating: 30

#109 in Romance
#7 in Contemporary fiction
#3 in Urban life

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Journalist and Billionaire

Dipika Ojha

Natalie is a chivalrous, free-spoken, kind, sweet, straightforward journalist. Her mother and friend is her world. In search of work she gets a chance to interview George Samuel, George Samuel, The affluent and prominent business man, winning the title of CEO of the year for several consecutive yea... more info

Story about: hate love and misunderstandings, billionaire ceo

Complete 159 pages
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Rating: 75

#345 in Romance
#183 in Billionaires
#89 in Contemporary Romance

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Mr. Romano's Secret

Dipika Ojha

Giovanni Romano, a man who never thought he would fall in love with a woman he was forbidden to, was emotionally blackmailed by his family into joining his family firm, and Because of his playboy nature, his father had set some basic rules for him. The most important rule was that he could not slee... more info

Story about: boss and assistant, office romance, forbiddenlove age gap poor and rich

Complete 217 pages
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Rating: 115

#598 in Romance
#158 in Contemporary Romance

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Dipika Ojha

Tejaswini is perfect woman, with have everything a man wants, but as said everything is not as it seems, Tejsawini whose life was full of happiness and joy changed because of her one wrong decision, she lost everything... She ever dreamt of, she sacrificed her happiness for her family, But the Br... more info

Story about: divorce, betrayed, possesive billionaire

Complete 193 pages
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Rating: 102

#60 in Contemporary fiction
#34 in ChickLit
#898 in Romance
#220 in Contemporary Romance

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