100 Days to Love


Disappointed by her first mission, Angelique Amor (Little Angel of Love) was sent again to the human world in order to fulfill the promise of a happy ending. Will she be able to tug the heart of Steffany who was utterly crushed by her first experience of love that developed in her some phobias? How ... more info

Story about: angels, faith and trust., love

Ongoing: 22 Jul 61 pages
504 29

Rating: 6

#381 in Fantasy
#1815 in Romance
#96 in Inspiration romance


I'm Sorry...Don't Leave Me!


Mark Anthony was Steffany's first and last love. They met at College where both of them are Intern Scholars of a prestigious institution. Under the Scholarship Program' stern rule "NO COURTSHIP POLICY", they learned the importance of sacrifice and patience when both of them chose knowledge over love... more info

Story about: betrayal heartbreak, sacrifice and forgiveness

Complete 216 pages
9063 284

Rating: 48

#1077 in Romance
#48 in Inspiration romance
#250 in Contemporary Romance

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