Aeoald Serne Beuel

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Hi there, Booknetizens! Welcome to my portal. Here you can read stories filled with diverse LGBTQ+ characters. Browse my creative nonfiction collection (e.g. academic and personal essays, original speeches) and my poetry collection. Follow me, like and add my stories to your Library! ^_^//




Aeoald Serne Beuel

"Once upon a time, there lived an androgynous queen who fell in love with a passionate emperor and a charming metalworker." I bet you haven't heard of an intersex monarch who ruled in secrecy and torn between love and duty. So take a journey into a retelling of a queer fairy tale, which was wittingl... more info

Story about: gods and goddesses, witchcraft and monsters, lgbt fairy tale

Ongoing: 04 Apr 18 pages
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Rating: 5

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Wordcraft: Spells and Verses

Aeoald Serne Beuel

Wordcraft Volume 1 is a collection of poems (sc. spells and verses) that tries to paint - in words - the eccentric colours and the flavours that spice up the gay side of what we call life. You may not be the addressee and you may not be the persona of each poem in the collection but you definitely a... more info

Story about: gay love, poetry collection, homoeroticism

Ongoing: 13 Apr 5 pages
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Rating: 3

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Hopes and Dreams

Aeoald Serne Beuel

A collection of speeches for specific occasions. Some of the pieces were written for and delivered by certain people.... more info

Story about: speeches, public speaking, oration and declamation

Ongoing: 02 Apr 17 pages
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Rating: 1

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