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Hello! Bookworms❤ If I die and my book remains incomplete then don't curse me for God's sake Rate my books it always makes me happy & motivates me to write more. Follow me on IG @aj__ana it's my username. AJ ANA :)




AJ Ana

Tonny who was a mere person living in Quebec with his mother.He went fox mtn. with his friend Sam to collect the woods so he able to buy food & make his mother's Christmas miracle In 1774 it was illegal and they end up running for their lives He got lost in forest alone with injury hand but there he... more info

Story about: war, romance drama, christmas miracle

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Rating: 5

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Phases Of Life

AJ Ana

This story is about a 15 years old girl who suffer from lots of problem . Life is complicating to live sometimes but we all have to live unwillingly . After abusing by her own father and her mother's death she was all alone but a hope of ray scatter all over her life and she meet a man who help her ... more info

Story about: shortstory, heartbreaking story, sadstory

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Rating: 12

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