Angela Omozojie (Sky Angel)

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My Stalking Donor

Angela Omozojie (Sky Angel)

"Wherever you go, whatever you say or do, just remember, Celestine, I know it all...because I'm always watching what's mine." We first met at a bar, then bumped into each other at my bakery. At first, I thought it was a mere coincidence...I just never knew he was my stalker, who he is determined ... more info

Story about: romance, stalker, possessive

Ongoing: 18 Sep 89 pages
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Rating: 106

#56 in Romance
#37 in Billionaires


Pinky Swear

Angela Omozojie (Sky Angel)

"So you're saying, that if I kissed you right now, you wouldn't feel anything?" He asked, taking steps closer to me but I couldn't go farther back, because of a stupid desk at my back. "Uh...totally," I replied. "Okay then, Let's test that theory, shall we?" And his lips landed on mine. Sam a... more info

Story about: romance, teenfiction, highschool

Complete 189 pages
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Rating: 297

#1 in Young adult
#1 in School


Tempting Jocelyn

Angela Omozojie (Sky Angel)

Jocelyn, born from a witch family, has no powers making her an outcast among witches. She is determined to make it through life on her own, but then she runs into Sebastian, a vampire Prince who claims she's bonded to him. But even though Jocelyn is not new to the supernatural world, it's not easy ... more info

Story about: mystery, romance, vampire

Ongoing: 14 Sep 38 pages
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Rating: 17

#15 in Fantasy
#184 in Romance
#23 in New Adult & College

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