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Anie Styles


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Only Positivity: Guys I always experiment with my stories so you guys will always find fresh stories. For that, you need to follow me so you all can connect with me !!



Silent Lies

Anie Styles

He added sarcastically, "Aren't you scared of me now?" She was silent and didn't know how to answer him but ultimately, she did. "I am more scared of my heart now, Arlys!". Everly is devoted to Arlys since she realized what it means to indulge herself in someone but will her silent lies c... more info

Story about: innocentgirl, ourlovestory, fallingforvillain

Ongoing: 04 Feb 8 pages
151 55

Rating: 25

#32 in Contemporary fiction
#17 in ChickLit
#17 in Short stories


Billionaire's Indian Wife

Anie Styles

"Six months, you want a wife for six months?" She wasn't surprised but somewhere feeling terrible for the woman who will be his wife as he doesn't seem like a man who will stay loyal to her as she can see the marriage isn't something he sees as a significant part of his life, it's just a word and... more info

Story about: contract marriage, love and romance with billionaire, indiangirl

Complete 345 pages
98297 3206

Rating: 534

#6 in Contemporary fiction
#4 in ChickLit
#59 in Romance
#26 in Billionaires


Ravished By Vampire Prince

Anie Styles

FREE BOOK:- Just like & comment "Who are you?" She asked him slightly unnerved having no idea about him while backing away as he was stepping towards her like a predator. "You can't escape, Beth" He warned her as he clasped her elbow and pulled her to him so strongly that her whole body collid... more info

Story about: suspense mystery, hunters, vampire prince and human girl

Complete 300 pages
56563 1191

Rating: 247

#120 in Fantasy
#5 in Epic fantasy
#60 in Mystery
#24 in Supernaturals


Unholy Desires

Anie Styles

"We shouldn't be doing this..." He moaned against her delicate lips as his hands were at the hem of her top. "I know that but don't you think it's better this way" Her husky, rich voice whispers through the small spaces between their mouths. Her hand stroked his naked chest as her hands hav... more info

Story about: contemporary fiction, forbidden desire, stepfather

Complete 151 pages
34803 768

Rating: 169

#334 in Romance
#54 in Romantic suspense
#29 in Contemporary fiction


Under The Mistletoe

Anie Styles

Christmas was around the corner but it was just another meaningless festive for Nicole while for Dev it was a special week to live for. Can Dev be that spiritual light to Nicole's darkness and spark hope in her dull life in this merry week of Christmas?... more info

Story about: holidayromance, christmasmemories, christmaslove

Complete 25 pages
862 68

Rating: 51

#890 in Romance
#21 in Inspiration romance
#68 in Contemporary fiction


Holiday Memories

Anie Styles

Neva is a spoiled rich girl but she believes in the spirit of Christmas and cherishes holidays and then she met him the man who held the power to change her whole world in one moment. What she will do when she sees this Christmas isn't the only thing that has changed?... more info

Story about: romance, spiritual love, christmas miracle

Complete 25 pages
2749 129

Rating: 60

#1502 in Romance
#366 in Contemporary Romance
#88 in Short stories

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