Noticed You!


“Are you trying to seduce someone” He questioned cocking his head to the side. Huh? Seduce someone ? What made him come to such a conclusion? “Excuse me” I replied in a pitch higher than I intended being honestly confused. ... Rina Kingston is an exemplary student caught up in her o... more info

Story about: crime, highschool romance, finding inspriation

Complete 171 pages
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Rating: 10

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The Agent's wish


He's a dangerous man, cold and calculating. He'll kill without a second thought. But what happens when a hit man falls in love ? Zeus is a top class agent feared by many but he has one wish, he wants out and he’s willing to take down the whole agency with him.On his final mission before his re... more info

Story about: small town, mafia and action, love and suspense

Ongoing: 23 Jan 19 pages
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