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Babies Marks

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Ashanti has been in love with Asher Jay Miller for as long as she can remember, even though they have nothing close to a friendship. When his older brother, her University classmate and the bane of her existence, tells her he knows- he blackmails her into attending a Spring break holiday in Mexico w... more info

Story about: humor, college pregnancy, new adult & college

Ongoing: 04 Aug 246 pages
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Rating: 29

#3 in Others
#3 in Humor
#125 in Romance

On Hold



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The Lands holding the Human Kingdoms are doomed, being threated by the Immortal men dwelling beyond the veld. Desperate to save his Kingdom, which would be the first to fall if the immortal men continued to attack, a human King makes a deal with the Immortal King for a price: A female heiress to Wed... more info

Story about: arranged ma, queen, difficult romance

On Hold: 02 Mar 139 pages
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Rating: 7

#1102 in Romance
#167 in Romantic suspense
#527 in Fantasy
#58 in Epic fantasy


The Art In Us

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Reane York lives the most boring life you could ever imagine. With a business degree at the age of 22, it's almost impossible for her to get a job in the lush city of London. That is until the Medici family hire her. What she doesn't know is that she's entered a secret luxurious world of secrets and... more info

Story about: billionare, romance suspense heartbreak, secret society

On Hold: 05 Aug 195 pages
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Rating: 25

#353 in Romance
#59 in Romantic suspense
#90 in Billionaires

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