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Hello, dear! If you like my stories, do give my profile a follow. Comments and likes are always welcome. I hope you enjoy the journeys these narratives take you through. Have a good day!


Books outside of any series


A Sucker for You


[A booknet exclusive] Kamil, a vampire heiress, ran away from home and joined a nightclub as a stripper. To quench her thirst, she lured men into letting her have a taste of their blood. But one CEO rejects her advances. Humiliated, she sets out for a new goal: seduce him into submission. ... more info

Story about: opposites attract, ceo billionaire, vampire human romance

On Hold: 27 Feb 38 pages
953 40

Rating: 5

#6112 in Romance
#594 in Paranormal Romance
#2059 in Fantasy
#76 in Urban fantasy


Trust in Love


To live a quiet life away from high society, 14-year old Alex left home & created a new identity. She changed her name as well as her gender.  The catch? She'd lose it all if anyone found out. To prevent this, Alex stayed in the side lines & avoided unnecessary interactions. Her cold deme... more info

Story about: gender bender, comedy, coming of age

On Hold: 16 Mar 333 pages
6539 32

Rating: 6

#6546 in Romance
#1070 in Contemporary Romance
#804 in Young adult
#320 in School



[Volume 1] A secretary faces a difficult choice: to join or not to join a dating site for the most eligible bachelor alive, Her boss. However, he can't know it's her on the side of the screen. Just when she thinks it's over, more difficult things await—like meeting in real life.... more info

Story about: slowburn romance, ceo and pa, dual identity

Complete 342 pages
24628 184

Rating: 28

#6842 in Romance
#1122 in Contemporary Romance
#459 in Contemporary fiction
#182 in Urban life

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