About me

Name: Just call me Ch3rry. I don't like to reveal myself. 

Age: 24~

Occupation: Lol this one I cannot say...A patisserie intern? 

Likes: I have very little likes. Even then it's changing as I lose interest in things very quickly.

Dislikes: Many! Noisy people, Nosy people mostly...

Hobbies? Well...Painting...maybe? Um...Singing? But mainly baking and writing~

Favourites? This is a difficult one...Ah.......Spicy food? Close nature places....that's what comes to my mind right now.

Quiet and introverted person. Have been a private student for at least seven years till now. I get irritated easily. I am the oldest child of my parents and the least pampered one (LOL). I am an average person all in all. I aspire to be like my two favourite people --> J.K Rowling and Masashi Kishimoto.

I am wholly Asian. I live in Sleepy Kindom. Its a place in my dreams if your wondering. 

And well that's it...~ 


If there are other questions you want to ask, feel free. I don't bite.  


Registered: 18.10.2020, 18:11:44


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