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The King's Curse


Hope was a simple werewolf girl who is left alone in this brutal world.... She is from Red Moon Pack were she is treated not more than low class maid or an omega.... Since the day she learnt about ‘Her One and Only’ or MATE, she is waiting for him. He will be the one who will save her from th... more info

Story about: werewolf king, cursed by witch, mate

On Hold: 15 Mar 3 pages
266 17

Rating: 4

#566 in Mystery
#315 in Supernaturals
#4527 in Romance


The Prince and Me


"love happens only once in a lifetime,Tara. That happened with you but its because of you my love for you turned into hatred" Boy the anger was clearly evident in his voice, though his eyes was clearly betraying him. He continues "Remember even if you are the last girl on this earth i will never lov... more info

Story about: love and romance, drama, billionaire

On Hold: 21 Feb 24 pages
1516 72

Rating: 12

#6266 in Romance
#2198 in Billionaires

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