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Christina Maharaj




One Life Stand

Christina Maharaj

Ella Luise is a concierge at a hotel alongside her three best friends. Everything is great until her boyfriend proposes to her and she runs away. Four times she's had her boyfriends propose to her, and not once could she make it down the aisle. Each time it seems worse. The urge to get away. This... more info

Story about: contract marriage, boss and employee, one night stand billionaire

Ongoing: 28 Mar 193 pages
12189 438

Rating: 54

#38 in Romance
#16 in Billionaires
#12 in Contemporary Romance


The Ceo's Assistant

Christina Maharaj

Katherine is an assistant at an advertising firm. She's been in a long-term relationship with her boss, Thomas. She's on cloud nine until she finds out he's sacrificing her for a promotion. Fired and heartbroken, Kat wanders the streets until she's almost hit by a car. The men in the car help her... more info

Story about: forbidden love, boss and assistant, office romance

Complete 167 pages
37281 1475

Rating: 189

#589 in Romance
#139 in Contemporary Romance
#300 in Billionaires


Another World

Christina Maharaj

Jennifer Medina is a data analyst for Newton Solutions. She goes to work, keeps to herself as she gets things done, and then goes home to immerse herself in reading one of her hundreds of books. After a brief encounter with a new employee, Rick, Jennifer ends up getting hit by a truck while savi... more info

Story about: alternate world, fantasy romance, fantasy adventure

Complete 251 pages
3355 116

Rating: 14

#512 in Fantasy
#217 in Romantic fantasy
#2288 in Romance
#452 in Contemporary Romance


Wolf in the Office

Christina Maharaj

Leyla is a journalist for Echo Times, alongside her best friend Malakai, who started there at the same time. She's finally been given a shot to interview political candidate Wilfred Ivo. While there, she sees something she shouldn't have. Wilfred killed someone. Not only that, but he's not human.... more info

Story about: werewolf in love with a human, werewolf romance, bounded werewolf mates

Complete 187 pages
3084 96

Rating: 16

#3110 in Romance
#166 in Paranormal Romance
#825 in Fantasy
#324 in Romantic fantasy


Second Chance

Christina Maharaj

Erika was getting ready for her Valentine's day wedding to her best friend Dennis when her stomach churned and something didn't feel right. She went to talk to her fiancé, only to see him making out with their other best friend, Linda. She runs away only to meet up with her high school crush afte... more info

Story about: ourlovestory, happy ending, second chance

Complete 17 pages
520 42

Rating: 10

#24 in Short stories
#618 in Romance
#150 in Contemporary Romance


Christmas Teddy

Christina Maharaj

When Casey was ten-years-old, she went with her family to a ski lodge for Christmas vacation. Left on her own as usual, she took it upon herself to learn to ski on the bunny slope with her trustee teddy bear, Takumi, tucked into her jacket. After a great tumble, a boy, Grayson, helps her to her feet... more info

Story about: christmas miracle, christmasmemories, christmaslove

Complete 16 pages
171 6

Rating: 7

#146 in Short stories
#1917 in Romance
#411 in Contemporary Romance


The Christmas Avalanche

Christina Maharaj

It's time for winter vacation and Eris' family has decided to spend Christmas at the ski lodge. Her parents want to go for business and her sister, Nicole, wants to meet up with her boyfriend, Carlos. To her surprise, she hits it off with Carlos' cousin, Pedro. While out on the bunny slope, Eris ... more info

Story about: family love, christmas miracle, disaster

Complete 19 pages
377 16

Rating: 5

#432 in Thrillers & Suspense
#281 in Short stories


Vampire Teacher

Christina Maharaj

Samantha Gilbert is a high school teacher who loves her job and her students, and they to love her too. She's kind, caring and gorgeous, but she has a well-kept secret. She's a vampire and hiding from her clan. Jason is one of her favourite students, who she often treats to her lunch right outsid... more info

Story about: vampire and human romance, vampire and human love story, forbidden love

Complete 137 pages
5815 227

Rating: 26

#5432 in Romance
#371 in Paranormal Romance
#1653 in Fantasy
#662 in Romantic fantasy

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