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Christy Cisson


About me

I am a middle aged lady that has just found her passion for writing books for fun after playing around with books on another app where I got a lot of positive feedback about my creativity and imaginative writing.

Now I am hoping to expand that into a wider area where maybe I can start writing for a living.

I enjoying writing different types of books from romance, paranormal, fiction, non-fiction and Mafia books. I take books that I have here at the house that have been published, movies and even TV series then making my own creations of my books based on those ideas and creations from other authors or directors of the TV and movies.

I use a lot of TV, family, friends and even students names from where I work in the school district in my books, then spin those names into a character and make them come alive in my books. I hope you can enjoy what I have created and enjoy reading something that I have found a passion for to entertain people with

Registered: 23.01.2021, 17:06:48


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