Deanna Lorraine

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Tears For August was currently postponed.



Midnight Thoughts

Deanna Lorraine

A collection of my poems since 2017 with all my pain and sufferings. ... more info

Story about: a collection of poems of different genre, poetry collection, unrequited love

Ongoing: 03 Jun 5 pages
1999 106 18

Rating: 16

#18 in Others
#5 in Poetry
#250 in Romance


Tears For August

Deanna Lorraine

Agnes Welsh's existence had been a torture for her ever since she was younger. She would often get blamed and ignored by everyone in her family, making her shut everyone out. Until her family had decided to moved at Fitzgerald where she met August Young. An attractive, clever, funny, and enthusiasti... more info

Story about: pyschological thriller, death and tragedy, teenage adult romance

Ongoing: 17 Jun 45 pages
809 37 0

Rating: 12

#120 in Mystery
#29 in Romantic mystery
#153 in Young adult

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