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And he said yes

Del San

Andry gets in between a love triangle, while trying to get out of the triangle he enters another, with his ex wife at his neck.... more info

Story about: love and hate, love arranged marriage

On Hold: 20 Dec 7 pages
237 7

Rating: 0

#5607 in Romance
#784 in Romantic suspense
#617 in Thrillers & Suspense
#208 in Suspense


Passionate heart

Del San

Treasure will have her first crush, She decides to take a step towards her feeling and ends up taking a wrong step, as everyone makes mockery of her, George enjoys the drama and leads her on...where is he leading her to?? Treasure keeps the dice rolling as table turns for everyone to discover tha... more info

Story about: about first loves

Complete 30 pages
2451 84

Rating: 9

#1997 in Fantasy
#862 in Romantic fantasy
#5972 in Romance
#492 in New Adult & College

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