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The Weakest Vampire Falls in Love

Eris Ellyense

Author_Eris Ellyense Mary Strauss is a vampire that has avoided consuming human blood because not once has it helped her in enhancing her vampiric powers. Her mentor, Eirene Frieda, has not given up on her activating her powers, but when they finally encounter a human that might be the answer to ... more info

Story about: vampires, fantasy world, vampire human romance

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Rating: 29

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All of Me (a Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction)

Eris Ellyense

Originally published in a Facebook Miraculous Ladybug group in 2018. This particular short story has been inspired by John Legend’s song, “All of Me,” so you’re going to see the lyrics. This is set in an alternated universe where they aren’t superheroes; just normal teenagers. However, ... more info

Story about: romance, miraculous ladybug, romantic fanfiction

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Rating: 9

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