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Happiness is best felt when you know someone else is smiling because of you♥️
- Fateehat

Born Fathia Adetola, (Pen name) Fateehat is a Nigerian writer, orator, volunteer and entrepreneur. 

Her hobbies include talking, researching, writing, travelling, watching movies, reading books, listening to music and sleeping. Basically, she loves every form of communication and other forms that doesn't require it.

She's currently a student of law at her state university. She has always enjoyed fantasising (a more polite way of saying she makes things up in her head..alot). She only found her true love for writing in 2019 and has been doing so ever since.

Her published works include
His hired wife
The Perfect Mistake
Do Us Part.

And some others, still under the wraps. 

Fateehat loves watching intriguing series and all genres of movies. She is a Bollywood junkie. She has an undying love for Bollywood music, naija pop music, and Hollywood movie jams. She loves solo, pop and rap(depends) performances. 

Fateehat enjoys live storytelling; she likes narrating a story, be it fictional or real life incidents. She's good with jesticulations, and expressions that it makes you feel like you watched the whole thing.

P.S. she's no spoiler.

She enjoys spending time, getting to know people, yet she values her alone time. 
She enjoys meeting new people (P.S. Only the ones who really want to communicate)

She loves using her alone time to sleep,  sometimes read, sing out loud, otherwise watches movies/documentaries. 

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