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Defender of Light


Tessa Cain , is a seventeen year old high school student who discovers she harnesses a power that can help people live forever, heal the sick, change dark hearts into pure hearts, and can give strength and power to all those who join her. She has been chosen, by the Ruler of the supernatural wo... more info

Story about: teenromance, high school, goodvevil

Ongoing: 27 Nov 19 pages
107 22 6

Rating: 3

#132 in Mystery
#73 in Supernaturals
#1631 in Romance
#80 in Paranormal Romance


The House Always Wins


Johnathan House is ruthless, never backs away from a challenge, lives without apology or boundaries and doesn't believe in taking a break. But Jonathan’s father insist that he tag along with his friends to Italy for a poker tournament that’s being held at a hotel is father acquired in a poker ga... more info

Story about: romance, billionare, marriage game

Ongoing: 20 Jan 157 pages
7164 362 56

Rating: 59

#261 in Romance
#179 in Billionaires

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