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Greetings to everyone! "A book is a journey!" Someone said. I like to travel throw my books. Hope you enjoy traveling too with them. If you come here please press FOLLOW and choose a"ticket"below to a new journey!



Love Letter's


When time isn't in your favor and the technology can't fill that void to have near the person our heart yearn. Is time to sick help in the old way. After all Old is Gold. No SMS. No MMS. No video call can redeem the beauty that a love letter had, has and always will have. Was pricesly this love ... more info

Story about: letters, ourlovestory, moon and sun love

Complete 13 pages
138 13

Rating: 21

#70 in Short stories
#1357 in Romance
#51 in Inspiration romance


The Christmas journey!


After their reconciliation, Amber and David start an adventure to save Christmas! Their journey will lead to uncover Secrets. As they try their best to save Christmas of this year, their memories will join this journey! Are you ready for their epic journey?!... more info

Story about: adventurefantasy, christmascontest, christmasmemories

Complete 25 pages
508 17

Rating: 22

#203 in Fantasy
#73 in Short stories


Miss & Sir


When you think everything is over there where you are wrong. Life starts from below and raise above to touch the sky! This is the shortest Billionaire Love Story ever!... more info

Story about: billionaire, mafia girl, billionaire assistant

Complete 7 pages
1764 79

Rating: 34

#1031 in Romance
#477 in Billionaires
#42 in Short stories


Last Christmas.../ This Year...


Last Christmas David broke the heart of his wife Amber, the woman he swear to love and respect for 18 years! Amber to revenge him wishes to Vanish only him from memory on Christmas eve. This year by magic he will be next to her! Will he be able to win her heart again and have his family back This... more info

Story about: love and forgiveness, christmas miracle, santasdaughter and elves

Complete 12 pages
780 19

Rating: 24

#69 in Short stories
#200 in Fantasy
#8 in Epic fantasy

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