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The following is a part of the "Terms of use" located at

It is forbidden to publish on Booknet information that:

  • violates the rights, the privacy of other Users or third parties, offends, contains threats;
  • is vulgar or obscene, contains pornographic images and texts, scenes of a sexual nature that involves minors, incest, bestiality, and other illegal sex acts;
  • glorifies sexual violence and nonconsensual sex;
  • contains descriptions of the means and methods of suicide, any incitement to commit it;
  • contains information that promotes racial, religious, ethnic hatred or enmity, political discord, contains negative remarks about any country, people, religion, politics; contains extremist materials;
  • promotes criminal activity or contains tips, instructions or guidelines;
  • is made to advertise any goods or services (including cryptocurrency) except for users' books on Booknet or users' social pages.

The book has to be assigned the "18+" age restriction if it contains:

  • detailed descriptions of violence or severe abuse;
  • self-harm scenes;
  • explicit sex scenes.

Books that are marked as "18+" are not permitted to contain minors as main characters.

It is forbidden to publish graphic materials (book covers, illustrations in blog posts, etc.) that depict:

  • almost or completely naked people;
  • people in transparent or overly revealing clothes;
  • people in obscene or defiant poses; 
  • genitalia, female breast, buttocks, or perineum close-ups;
  • other vulgar or obscene images.

If an author does not publish the complete text of their work on the site or doesn't plan to do it, they must assign this novel the "Sample" status. The description of the books, nor the text can serve to promote third sites or any publishing services.

Any User is personally liable for any information that he or she places on Booknet; what he or she informs other Users about. Any interactions with other Users are carried out at own risk.

In case of the rules violation or risk of it, the site Administration has the right to:

  • block access to any work posted on the site;
  • forcibly mark any work as "18+";
  • delete any work;
  • block users;
  • delete blog posts.
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