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I Am Titanium

Ironic Story

"Your safe now tote Blume," The man said with a German accent. He had white blond hair and sad blue eyes. He rubbed the black hair of a teenaged girl sitting in front of the piano she had played a few minutes ago. She just stare blankly at the wall. The man sighed and reloaded his hand pistol he h... more info

Story about: love, assasian

Sample 4 pages
57 20

Rating: 3

#2210 in Romance
#626 in Fantasy
#52 in Action fantasy


Poems That Defy Our Laws

Ironic Story

My thoughts made into poems... ... more info

Story about: poems

On Hold: 08 Mar 4 pages
364 4

Rating: 1

#259 in Others
#62 in Poetry


Wolf Dorian Calls

Ironic Story

Elise De'Wolf is new to the mating world having turned 21 just a few days ago and then being whisked away by Southern Borealis People to the Mating Grounds. No one knows where the Mating Grounds are in fact nobody knows much about the Mating Grounds, only that its governed by a wolf named Dorian and... more info

Story about: werewolf, mating call

Sample 2 pages
25 0

Rating: 0

#1003 in Fantasy
#3329 in Romance
#250 in Paranormal Romance


Mark In My Eye

Ironic Story

Not human. That's what I am, I should've known I was too perfect to be human, since humans are flawed making them an imperfect perfect. Now that I know the truth about me I don't know if living is worth it now that I'm not human, no purpose. Sighing I look down at the waves crashing against the cl... more info

Story about: hiding, finding out the truth

Sample 5 pages
216 7

Rating: 1

#84 in Science fiction
#10 in Cyberpunk
#3561 in Romance
#259 in Paranormal Romance



Ironic Story

Episode Hue is the latest boy band in the world most famous for its singer and song writer, Aaron Breeze. Even after achieving what he dreamed of for so long he still thinks something's missing. His friends tell him to get over it and enjoy what he has so he plans a world tour for Episode Hue hoping... more info

Story about: boy band, loving a rebel princess

On Hold: 06 Dec 13 pages
378 4

Rating: 5

#3823 in Romance
#327 in New Adult & College
#1133 in Fantasy
#107 in Action fantasy

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