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Isha Jain

Maya's due date was on Christmas. Everyone around her couldn't be more happier. Till they found out a secret she had been hiding for months. Now the only thing that could save her and her family was a Christmas miracle. On the other side of the spectrum, there is another girl whose life had taken th... more info

Story about: christmasmiracle, baby, romance

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Rating: 5

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Isha Jain

Pearl is stuck in a relationship with a ruthless billionaire. John is stuck with a person he sees no future with. What happens when they find each other? They know they should not fall for each other. Yet they can't help themselves. It doesn't really help that they decide to go away for a month ... more info

Story about: humor, romace, forbiddenromance

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Rating: 39

#3224 in Romance
#233 in Contemporary fiction


The Proposal

Isha Jain

"Why would you hurt me like this, Nick? I had finally learned to live again." "I am sorry..." "Get out." Eden and Nicholas set relationship goals for the world in their two years of bliss. When life separated them bitterly, they knew they had no choice but to move on. Eden created her company ... more info

Story about: humor, billionaire, billionaireromance

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Rating: 260

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