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JL Warren


Author's announcement

I am twenty-five years old, and I love to write. I've been writing for most of my life and reading for all my life. I am only updating/posting new book(s) in my spare time. That could be grounds for sporadic daily updates, days after the last update, weeks, or possibly months.



The Queens Gambit

JL Warren

This is the rewritten version of one of my books and a combination of a few of my other books. If the cover interests you, please proceed to read what the book will be about... ... more info

Story about: mafia gang, bestfriends to lovers, secrets lies revenge

Ongoing: 16 Mar 13 pages
62 26

Rating: 2

#1036 in Romance
#251 in Contemporary Romance


The Viking Princes' Claim

JL Warren

Kenna Bambridge is a vampire queen who has ruled over her coven for years, but upon attending a dinner date where an arranged combining of other covens was going to take place when she is attacked. Kenna wakes up after falling unconscious or so she thinks to find she is now hundreds of years set ba... more info

Story about: viking and princess, werewolves and vampires, reincarnation

Ongoing: 10 Mar 25 pages
242 36

Rating: 6

#1373 in Romance
#321 in Contemporary Romance
#21 in Historical Romance


Fall For You ~ Hearts Intertwined ~

JL Warren

Raven Jocelynna drives down to her best friend's bachelorette summer getaway, expecting a couple of months of parties, laughs, and careless drinks to have a bittersweet farewell. Only instead sees the man she had a one-night stand with months prior standing just before her, only now as her best ... more info

Story about: onenightstand, friendship and love, lovetriangle

Complete 102 pages
13887 312

Rating: 46

#989 in Romance
#239 in Contemporary Romance


Be With You ~ Hearts Intertwined ~

JL Warren

Raven Jocelynna goes back to her home, once again thrown back into her dull and quiet life. But soon, things in her calm life take a turn when she stumbles across a certain green-eyed hottie she had a fling with a month before, only now standing in her office. Holten Harrison reserved himself on... more info

Story about: bossandemployee, lovetriangles, loveandfriendship

Complete 92 pages
7383 245

Rating: 28

#2205 in Romance
#440 in Contemporary Romance


His Heart Of Mine ~ Of Mine Book One

JL Warren

Vienna Adkins is a happy twenty-five-year-old, but she is harboring a secret that could either threaten her friendship or be the start of something amazing. She's in love with her best friend. There is just one catch. Being in love with her best friend isn't Vienna's only problem, he's married an... more info

Story about: lgbt, friendstolovers, secretlove

Complete 44 pages
1292 41

Rating: 7

#2362 in Romance
#455 in Contemporary Romance



JL Warren

Alexandra Young has sacrificed many countless and sleepless nights to dedicate herself to her training at a Military Base Camp stationed in Tijuana, Mexico. She stays to herself until a one-chance night throws a stick into her tough girl act. Now Daniel Keene is a new recruit, and is almost your ... more info

Story about: war and love, action and drama, military romance

Complete 46 pages
753 22

Rating: 4

#2930 in Romance
#537 in Contemporary Romance


Random Short Horror Stories

JL Warren

Then the next moment she was gone and in the grasp of three men in all black with face masks. I look around wildly and notice the sun was setting over the horizon of the deserted sandy plain. The humidity seemed to have gone up as the sun went down and sweat clung to my exhausted body. But ... more info

Story about: horror, shortstory, mysterythriller

Complete 15 pages
539 27

Rating: 3

#130 in Horror
#311 in Short stories


The Heir of Rosewood Cove

JL Warren

Vivienne Summers suffers through having her ex arrested and beaten down right in front of her. The reason? He came at her with a gun. That's when she knew, she would never escape him unless she moved far away. Vivienne flees the big city and moves into a small, quiet cove where she begins to make... more info

Story about: ceo billionaire, werewolves and vampires, witches and magic

Ongoing: 09 Feb 41 pages
1542 92

Rating: 15

#816 in Romance
#201 in Contemporary Romance
#100 in Fantasy
#40 in Dark fantasy


Still Love You ~ Hearts Intertwined

JL Warren

A year had come and gone since Raven had quit her job, solely focusing on underground fighting and had heard nothing from Holten Harrison for that whole duration of the year. One night in the underground Mystic Lair, Raven has a match and is beaten pretty badly. She loses the match almost costin... more info

Story about: marriage, ceo billionaire, lovetriangles

Ongoing: 03 Feb 8 pages
940 65

Rating: 10

#2059 in Romance
#431 in Contemporary Romance

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