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Dark Collection: Short Story # 2 Delicious Meal


She was forced to marry... She was coerced to conceive... She was compelled to mature... Now, she will reap the prize!... more info

Story about: forced marriage and early pregnancy, difficult and painful life experiences, disturbing and twisted story

Complete 0 pages
170 6

Rating: 2

#119 in Horror
#278 in Short stories


Dark Collection: Short Story # 1 Road Trip


Exciting road trip for someone with a strong mind and a courageous heart. Do you have what it takes to finish the challenge? Are you willing to gamble to get the awesome reward? Are you ready to pay the huge price if you fail? ... more info

Story about: dark and evil game, twisted rules and regulations, abnormal and dangerous challenges

Complete 0 pages
329 8

Rating: 6

#130 in Horror
#313 in Short stories

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