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June Estee



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June Estee

Hhhhjjjj... more info

Story about: alphamale, werewolf and human marriage, werewolves and humans

On Hold: 26 Apr 0 pages
3895 131

Rating: 54

#2898 in Romance
#200 in Paranormal Romance


The Billionaire's Enchantment

June Estee

When Weruche and her friend attend a party thrown by billionaire's son Karis with stolen invites, he steals more than a kiss from her, he slowly steals her heart. Now she must pretend to be someone she is not if she is too overcome a society that forbids her love for him, and then she must overco... more info

Story about: deception, forbiddenlove, billionaire boy and innocent girl

On Hold: 20 Oct 60 pages
1909 124

Rating: 26

#3629 in Romance
#1234 in Billionaires


The second sun

June Estee

The fictional country of East Hendosia is on the brink of a revolution, faced with eternal strife when her king and crown prince die unexpectedly in a plane crash and faced with external aggression from West Hendosia. Would Jaachi abandon his world cup dreams to lead his people into peace and vic... more info

Story about: royalty and drama, war and love, crime and adventure

Complete 172 pages
1577 79

Rating: 32

#4 in Action & Adventures
#1 in Military


Fighting the Billionaire

June Estee

Gabriel is the handsome only son of billionaire family Di Marco. He believes everyone can be bought at a price including the women he sleeps with. What happens when he meets Maya and she isn't impressed by his money. Maya has survived an abusive childhood, the last thing she needs is to fall in ... more info

Story about: billionaire love, billionaire and romance, billionaire in love

Complete 112 pages
37000 527

Rating: 119

#6092 in Romance
#1898 in Billionaires


The Ornament

June Estee

Olamma is a beautiful 19 year old heiress raised by her seven older brothers after her parents death. She isn't to be seen, heard, or to make a scene. She is content with this for so long until she suddenly wants more, then she meets the Spy. Suave Leo Cortex known as the spy is a billionaire, only... more info

Story about: billionaire heiress, billianoire romance, billionaire mystery romance

On Hold: 06 May 15 pages
480 59

Rating: 21

#6383 in Romance
#2048 in Billionaires


Intrigued by Weruche

June Estee

Weruche a beautiful 19 year old woman living in the slums gate crashes a socialite party and catches the eye of billionaire's son and heir Karis. Karis is intrigued, drawn in by her innocence and captivated by her beauty but what would happen when he uncovers her deception. ... more info

Story about: billionaire innocent enchantress, billionaire impostor

On Hold: 05 Dec 18 pages
382 36

Rating: 18

#6507 in Romance
#2113 in Billionaires

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