Kehinde Jayeoba



Is it okay to love you

Kehinde Jayeoba

Chad is the only male child of the Dawson empire and the richest in the whole country. He is soft-hearted and also a Playboy who likes to club, but then all of a sudden he changed and won't come closer to any girl. Anna is a very beautiful model who lives off her face. Beside being a model her ma... more info

Story about: love and hate

Ongoing: 22 Sep 12 pages
24 3 1

Rating: 3

#532 in Romance
#209 in Billionaires


Nice to meet you again

Kehinde Jayeoba

Maxwell_ A very wealthy man and a genius falls in love with a girl he met four years ago and after meeting her again. He decided not to ever let her go again. Sonya has nothing to worry about has her life was perfect. Then suddenly one day she lost her mother and her dad disappeared. Then her Dre... more info

Story about: love at first sight, finding love

Ongoing: 21 Sep 23 pages
250 86 7

Rating: 5

#193 in Romance
#98 in Billionaires

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