Poisoned love


This is the story of a Liliana Bread and Ryder Tumblr. Liliana a full of life , a badass girl who love to experience everything . Ryder a handsome, sexy 19 years college hottie who have everything. Liliana is the girl who love challenge and same goes to Ryder. What happened when they cross path ... more info

Story about: heartbreak, guilt, painful love

Ongoing: 20 Jul 1 pages
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Rating: 2

#111 in Fantasy
#84 in Young adult




Zyan Bruce a hot bachelor famous strong successful businessman and a mafia boss ,no one want to mess with him untill they've death wish . he is everything but loving , is what everyone talk about him every girl love to die just to get one glance , but showing emotion or love never be his part unti... more info

Story about: love, revenge, mafia

Ongoing: 05 Aug 81 pages
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Rating: 60

#40 in Romance
#1 in Fantasy


Falling For My Teacher


Isabella Smith cute, funny, a clumsy girl who love her life, parents and friends. she enjoy her life being single and to complete her high school life without any more drama, but it was until when she want him. And when she realised she is in deep problem, but she love this problem. Justin Coope... more info

Story about: teacherxstudent

Ongoing: 05 Aug 36 pages
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Rating: 33

#3 in Young adult
#35 in Romance

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