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Little Red Riding Hood

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This world is not what it seems. At least that's what Clara tells her 20-year-old grandchildren. The world is dark, dangerous, mysterious. In this story, Clara tells her two granddaughters about Little Red Riding Hood. Just not the oh so traditional one we all know. No. This is twisted and disgu... more info

Story about: love, girl, captivity

Ongoing: 03 May 10 pages
389 69

Rating: 4

#439 in Romance
#243 in Billionaires

On Hold


Arranged Love

lady may

She wanted nothing more than a family. And her daddy was more than kind enough to give it to her. Except, it wasn't what she wanted. It wasn't a guy with money and word of mouth, just a regular guy with some money. Her brattiness made her disgusted by it. But she had no choice. --- I try my hardes... more info

Story about: love, hate

On Hold: 03 Apr 27 pages
1689 170

Rating: 15

#982 in Romance
#468 in Billionaires


Ruined by the Devil

lady may

The year was 2015. While the war was happening she stayed here. Hiding under the sheets. She was a vampire. Hungry. In need for blood. The innocent fools that wandered her castle were breakfast and dinner. Had been that way for hundreds of years. Now, with the war Lillian was able to feed easily. So... more info

Story about: strong female, vampire, strong female lead

On Hold: 18 Mar 2 pages
103 50

Rating: 7

#493 in Fantasy
#114 in Dark fantasy
#236 in Romantic fantasy

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