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In Full Colour

Lana Fox

Axel, Lily’s twin brother and the infamous playboy of numerous packs has finally found his mate. The only problem was, he did not want one and would do anything in his power to avoid getting mated. Over the past few weeks, I have tried desperately to forget about her, to push her out of my mind,... more info

Story about: playboy brother to the alpha, forced to live together, spicy werewolf romance

Complete 275 pages
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Rating: 74

#133 in Fantasy
#34 in Dark fantasy
#926 in Romance
#55 in Paranormal Romance


They Call Him The Tank

Lana Fox

His name says it all, Gunnar. It is of Nordic origin and means fighter, soldier, or attacker. The perfect adjectives to describe Shadow Creek’s Beta, a beast of a man, made almost entirely of muscle. After years of waiting, Gunnar has given up hope in ever finding his mate. THEY CALL HIM THE TAN... more info

Story about: chef, werewolf mates, beta

Complete 18 pages
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Rating: 28

#419 in Others
#137 in Humor
#1134 in Fantasy
#464 in Romantic fantasy

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