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My Cruel World

Maha Noor Malik

Caroline is a woman who is always abused by her father. One day when her father was abusing her on the streets Alexander, a billionaire, rescues her. He takes care of her and makes him her wife but he never shares the same room with her. But despite that she falls in love with him. Caroline finds... more info

Story about: tragedy, sad love , happy ending

Complete 209 pages
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Rating: 290

#741 in Romance
#372 in Billionaires
#108 in Fantasy


Bittersweet Love

Maha Noor Malik

Clara is a billionaire who's company is worldwide famous. She is kind, caring, generous and warm-hearted. She lives her life calmly and is emotionally very stable. That is until she meets Andrew. Clara would always lose her calm in front of him. The two always end up arguing or fighting. Andrew i... more info

Story about: romance and comedy, romance and happy endings, romance with billonaire

Complete 184 pages
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Rating: 172

#842 in Romance
#409 in Billionaires

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