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....Hii guys. I'm someone who likes to tell stories to people. I believe the stories give us a different perspectives and some happiness. We all like to know about diffrent things, opinions. We like to read and experience things that never happened in past and most likely...they will not in the future either. We like to look farther, more than just our life. We like to experience the thrill that brought to us by stories. Nowadays, dramas & web/tv series are prefered by almost all people than reading. But reading a book also has it's own charm. I'm new in this field and I know I have a lot to improve. I wish even if my starting work will have may shortcomings and mistakes, you people will support me and help me in this journey. 

   I'm asking for your suggestions, I hope one day  I'll become capable to meet your expectations. That's all I wanted to say. Lastly, have a great day....!!! 

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