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Beautiful Addiction

Maureen Mutahi

The bird was always chased off by the owner to room freely the but still never wanted to leave and now that the owner is finally arms open ready to extort every valuable feather off the bird’s skin, the bird gladly got into the house as the door is locks meaning the bird is nowhere but in its own ... more info

Story about: love and how it makes us feel, love and sacrifice, broken and revenge

Ongoing: 27 Jun 17 pages
174 13

Rating: 1

#440 in Fantasy
#212 in Romantic fantasy
#180 in Thrillers & Suspense



Maureen Mutahi

You Broke Us Vol 2 Sequel Lema who was sweet and innocent just got rebirth as Elsa who is mean, sassy, bossy and arrogant towards people's feelings especially her mother and low-lifes except only to her dad and best friend Leah Only till she meets Vin rebirthed as One who is weird, a loner and... more info

Story about: hate to friendship to accidental love, anger jelousy revenge, reincarnation

Complete 84 pages
1400 54

Rating: 5

#304 in Mystery
#82 in Romantic mystery
#260 in Young adult


My Choice

Maureen Mutahi

A daughter treated like a princess from birth She never wants any of those luxuries but simplicity All she wants is to make her choice Will she be able to stand up for her choice?... more info

Story about: mother daughter relationship, courage with love, bravery

Complete 11 pages
345 13

Rating: 6

#465 in Young adult
#1112 in Fantasy



Maureen Mutahi

He was my best friend “Run after me Ana! Quick catch me and I’ll give you anything you ask for” She was my best friend “I caught you! get me what I want!" I hurt him “I don’t like chubby boys Red and so I don’t want you as my friend anymore” She hurt me “Do best... more info

Story about: tragedy, love and betrayal that ends in murder., inflicted pain towards revenge

Complete 92 pages
2197 118

Rating: 21

#4898 in Romance
#658 in Romantic suspense
#1512 in Billionaires

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