Maureen Mutahi




Maureen Mutahi

"I CAN NOT STAND BEING WITH YOU ANYMORE" These words did not just pierce her fragile heart...the words broke her and shattered her completely. Aviana lived her life simply till she met Wayne and things began getting hectic...She lost a lot including her family only because....Wayne happened.... more info

Story about: heartbreak, inflicted pain

Ongoing: 19 Jan 18 pages
150 22 4

Rating: 2

#816 in Romance
#105 in Romantic suspense
#44 in Inspiration romance

On Hold


The Battle Of Two Sides

Maureen Mutahi

"I will be the INDESTRUCTIBLE ELLA!! No one will ever stop me....and I mean NO ONE..." Isabella Cruz was the youngest daughter of the Cruz family mostly keeping to herself. She had inherited "the blood filled with anger and immense hatred" for this reason she had a dark sleeping side and only lo... more info

Story about: love hate relationships

On Hold: 18 Jan 42 pages
321 17 10

Rating: 11

#249 in Fantasy
#14 in Epic fantasy
#1256 in Romance
#66 in Inspiration romance

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