Hello everyone. I'm Mister E.

My main goal in writing is to create multi million word long book series for readers to enjoy, characters to relate on and plots thick enough for you to question everything while reading it.

I will conquer that goal even if my first series(Electus), will only break above 1 million words(throughout the whole series).

Currently, i'm rewriting the whole "Electus series" because i'm not proud of the first chapters at all, chapters which pretty much defines the quality of the whole series in some points of view. 1k word chapters are being turned into 3-4k words long and 2k at my worst day. Since i have around 110 more Chapters to edit throughout the entire series, it will take a while and updates on book 3 won't be available until i finish rewriting. If you manage to read through all the 3 available books, there is another book series called "from Slave to Ruler" i am working on of which you can read, which is fairly more professional than "Electus", and it is curently being updated since it isn't going through a rewrite.

That's all from me everyone, if you have any questions, i'm available everywhere. Happy reading.
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