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In The Eyes Of Destiny:an African Tale


Princess Zara is said to be the most beautiful to ever exist but as beautiful as she is, she is also the heir to her father's throne as she is his only child and future Queen of the kingdom. The man she will marry is said to automatically become the next king of the kingdom of Okada but what they al... more info

Story about: princess search for a husband

Complete 39 pages
1140 65 4

Rating: 12

#117 in Fantasy
#65 in Romantic fantasy
#849 in Romance
#14 in Historical Romance


Misplaced Identity:thevikingtwins


Meet the girl with the big voice Audry, sweet, bubbly, smart and outspoken. She dreams of being the next big star but her music writing skills...disaster! Then meet Doppelganger Sasha, smart, ambitious, courageous, has the most exceptional writing skills but when it comes to the singing voice..... more info

Story about: musical teen fiction, unsuspecting singer writer doppelgangers, highschool and music rivalries

Complete 96 pages
803 39 2

Rating: 4

#1664 in Romance
#146 in New Adult & College
#170 in Young adult
#92 in School


Melissa:a tainted innocence


For friendship's sake, Joshua agrees to marry Raymond's "blind" girlfriend Julia inorder to buy him time to get out of his arranged marriage. But what if he mistakenly falls inlove with her too?Just saying...... more info

Story about: blind girl marrried to an assassin

Ongoing: 24 Jan 119 pages
12749 399 28

Rating: 53

#222 in Romance
#29 in Romantic suspense
#18 in Thrillers & Suspense
#3 in Action thriller


Xavier's Shamma:the legend of Luyota


In a mysterious land protected by a powerful generational being called a Protector, crown Prince Xavier and first male child of the King is born with a very rare case of having a female protector Shamma, who is his ticket to the throne and sign that he is the chosen next king after his father but it... more info

Story about: childhood sweethearts forbidden love, she is his protector his life, she can never marry him its deadly

Sample 151 pages
1219 11 3

Rating: 3

#1819 in Romance
#34 in Historical Romance
#378 in Fantasy
#22 in Epic fantasy

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