Happy Never After


Abhimanyu goes into a deep trauma after the love of his life denies to love him anymore. He tries to commit suicide but gets saved by an angel. He finds his lost love in that angel whom he hardly knows. He loses his memory due to his suicide attempt. However, destiny hadn't allowed love entering in ... more info

Story about: romance, tragedy, pain

Ongoing: 25 Oct 11 pages
272 95 10

Rating: 29

#243 in Romance
#33 in Romantic suspense


Bad Boy's Last Love


Sid Matthews, an influential businessman in the city gets framed by one of his rivals. He tries his best to earn back his place with a risky contract when he has to abide by the rules of his past. Meanwhile, his life with his bad girl takes a massive turn when a good girl enters. He is differen... more info

Story about: love, romance, my love my billionaire

Ongoing: 29 Oct 72 pages
8612 447 261

Rating: 199

#94 in Romance
#65 in Billionaires

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